Message from the President

Aiming to Contribute to Society and Improve Customer Satisfaction through Original Technology

 Kokusan Denki was established in 1931 to domestically produce magnetos for aircraft.

Rikio Yoshikawa President

Rikio Yoshikawa

 Utilizing the applied electromagnetic technology and production technology we have acquired since our founding, we have actively pioneered a variety of fields, including engine electric appliances, precision small motors, and generators, to continuously lead the industry, and today we have a loyal following for our products in many fields including motorcycles, automobiles, snowmobiles, ATVs, outboard motors, agricultural machinery, and automated teller machines.

 Based on our motto to contribute to society through original technology, we have set our top management policy to be being deeply trusted by all customers and improving customer satisfaction. To accomplish this, we work to improve employee satisfaction and develop many excellent engineers in a free-spirited and youthful working environment and through our flexible creativity and lively spirit challenge, we have continued to develop and accumulate state-of-the-art technological capability, such as electronical technology, applied microcomputer technology, and developing automated facilities using robots.

 Today, technological capability is one of our major strengths, from product development to manufacturing, such as in-house development of both software and hardware, proposing and providing system products and set products involving many fields to optimally meet the needs of customers, and in-house construction of production equipment for high-mix low-volume production in a short delivery period. Then, by using this technological capability we will give our full effort to anticipating market needs and providing fastidious sales and service to satisfy our customers. We also plan to expand overseas accompanying the globalization of the production base of our customers to deepen our collaboration with them.

 As development of environmentally friendly products is sought, all Kokusan Denki employees will cooperate together and make efforts to become a company even more appreciated by its customers by accurately identifying major trends in the market, refining and implementing constantly advancing technologies, and actively accumulating product development and efficient production technology.

 I ask you for your continued advice and support.