Basic Philosophy and Environmental Policy

Preserve the Local Environment to Save the Global Environment

Kokusan Denki acquired Environmental Management System ISO 14001 certification in August 2000.
The Company has established an environmental policy based on the basic philosophy, and the Company as a whole is promoting environmental preservation activities.

Countryside (Ema, Izunokuni-shi)

Countryside (Ema, Izunokuni-shi)

Basic Philosophy

As a responsible member of society, Kokusan Denki and all of its employees will strive to implement, maintain, and improve global environmental protection activities.

Environmental Policy

  1. Kokusan Denki will evaluate the environmental impact of all of its activities, set higher goals and targets aiming at a further reduction of environmental load, and continuously improve its environmental management system.
  2. Observe the environmentally related laws and regulations and other requirements agreed to by Kokusan Denki, establish voluntary standards when necessary, and strive to prevent environmental pollution.
  3. Of the environmental impact items related to the production activities, products, and services for the Company’s engine electric appliances, motors, generators, and other products, give priority the important issues enumerated below.
    1. (1)Promote Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle for all emissions generated by production activities to reduce emissions and achieve zero emissions.
    2. (2)Work to reduce environmental load substances at all stages from product development, design, and production to sales and service, promote green procurement for materials, and provide environmentally friendly products.
    3. (3)To prevent global warming, reduce the use of all energy sources, including electricity, used in production activities by installing highly efficient equipment and through other measures, and strive to reduce CO2 emissions.
    4. (4)We contribute to environmental protection through careful consideration of ecological system preservation and through close communication with local society.
  4. To conserve water quality of reservoirs along the Kanogawa River, cooperate with the city government and make efforts to control water quality of effluent.
  5. Conduct environmental education for all employees to improve environmental understanding and awareness.

April 1, 2013
Rikio Yoshikawa
 President Kokusan Denki Co., Ltd.

Established March 8, 2000